Masked at the Disney Parks

Well, it’s been a while… The world as we know it shut down. The city that never sleeps decided to take a snooze and the Happiest Place on Earth was a little less magical. But as we all start to venture out, there’s one thing we will all be rocking as a new accessory, a face mask. Whether we’re heading to the grocery store or just going for a walk, these are a must in our daily lives. This is especially true at the Disney Parks, which require guests to wear a face mask, along with other safety procedures. Disney Parks policy requires guests wear a face mask with ear loops or a tie in the back. Guests cannot wear a gaiter face mask or an open triangle bandana mask. You may be wondering, where should I buy a mask suitable for Disney? Check out these masks below.

Malibu Mermaid Co.

You’ve probably seen me write about Malibu Mermaid Co. before highlighting their awesome ears and vinyl stickers (Can you say Disney Fund?). Well, now Malibu Mermaid Co. also produces cute Mickey face masks. These two layer masks feature a pocket for a filter and are made of a cotton/poly fabric that’s lightweight and breathable, which make them perfect for a park day. They are one size and are unisex so you could get a matching set. These masks are $15 USD with free shipping. To check out the mask, click here. If you want to make one of these masks or any of the super cute merchandise they sell your own, use code PRINCESSJENN to receive 20% off. 


If you are looking for a myriad of Disney designs, check out the face masks available at ShopDisney. You can order masks featuring your favorite characters such as Mickey & Friends, Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar. These reusable face masks come in a pack of 4 and come in 4 different sizes of small, medium, large and extra large. These masks run small so be sure to size up to get the best fit. A set of 4 masks will run you $19.99 on ShopDisney. To view the full collection, click here

The Lost Bro’s.

Another shop that I’ve mentioned before here on the blog, The Lost Bro’s, have debuted a line of face masks for the Disney lover. Whether you’re looking for one that’s Tangled themed, Monorail themed or an Edna Mode Mask, they have one for you. Plus, these masks match their classic tees perfectly so you’ll be protected and in style. Check out the Lost Bro’s masks here

There you have it, a list of masks suitable for a day at the Disney parks. Remember, there are so many shops on Etsy selling Disney masks so be sure to check them all out! And keep in mind, it’s super important to wear your mask right now! Just think, just like Minnie Ears, they are a new accessory you can match your outfit to, that will keep you safe.

Have you purchased a Disney themed mask? Let me know in the comments below! Also, stay tuned to the blog for more information about Disney’s revised policies and procedures.

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