Your Guide to Booking Dining Reservations at Disney

Besides being home to the Mouse himself, Disney World is a mecca for all types of food! So it’s no surprise that when you book your Walt Disney World Vacation, your planning isn’t over. It is then time to start researching and booking your Advanced Dining Reservations for your stay. Keep reading to learn more about booking dining reservations at WDW.

When can I book my dining?

Dining Reservations open up 6 months in advance. If you booked a trip through WDW, then you are able to book dining for your entire trip on the 6 month mark of the first day of your trip (aka check-in day). If you did not book through WDW, you have to wait until the 6 month mark of each day you plan on visiting.

Obviously, if you book your trip after that 180 day (6 month) mark has passed, you are still able to book dining reservations. You can even book the reservations the same night- if availability permits. The only difference is that as the actual date approaches some dining reservations may be harder to get.

Tip: Before you go sit down to book those reservations: be prepared. Know what restaurants you want to make reservations at and go for those first.

Does every single restaurant at WDW take reservations?

Disney classifies it’s restaurants in 2 categories: Quick Service Locations and Table Service. (If you want more info about Disney Dining Plans- check out my post here.) Quick Service locations are essentially restaurants where you aren’t served and usually order at a counter. Table Service locations on the other hand are those where you are served. Most Quick Service locations at WDW do not take reservations. Now- I used the word most for a reason. For breakfast and lunch, Be Our Guest in the MK is a Quick Service location. This restaurant does take reservations for breakfast and lunch. Other than that, you won’t be able to get a reservation for Quick Service restaurants. You are able to make reservations at all Table Service Locations at WDW. 

What are the hardest places to get reservations?

Of course, there are always those coveted, hard to get dinner reservations. There are quite a few places at WDW that it is super hard to get reservations to. They include ‘Ohana at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Cinderella’s Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom and Chef Mickey’s at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. If you want these reservations, make sure you do these first. Previously, Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom was on this list, but since it’s switched to a 2 table service credit restaurant, it’s been a bit easier. Whether the restaurant you are looking for is on this list or not, if you have any desire to eat there, then just make the reservation. You can always cancel it but it’s definitely better to take advantage of the opening if it’s available.

Any other info?

Alternative Plans?

It happens. You do tons of research and checking and you just can’t a reservation you want. Or you have to cancel your reservation for some reason. Even though things do get booked up, there are always reservations for something still available on the My Disney Experience App. It’s definitely important to keep checking. You never know what will open up.

Story Time: A few years I was going to Disney and had a 6pm dinner reservation at ‘Ohana (of course, a coveted reservation). My flight got delayed like 5 hours and as I was in the airport, I had to cancel my reservation (devastating). I didn’t make another reservation anywhere because I wasn’t sure what time the flight would take off. I landed in Disney, went to the hotel and checked the My Disney Experience App. The Wave at the Contemporary had an opening and I went. The food was really good and I learned about a new restaurant I’d never heard of. Sometimes these instances help us discover new places. 


-Check the app or the Disney website everyday. People cancel their reservations all the time. If you are on at the right time, then it might just be your lucky day.

-Head to the restaurant anyway and see if something opened up that night.

– Disney also has a phone number dedicated to dining reservations. It doesn’t hurt to give Disney a call there as well. The number for dining reservations is (407)-939-3463.

There you have it, some tips about booking advanced dining reservations (ADR) at Walt Disney World. Let me know if you have any tips or tricks and what your favorite WDW restaurants are.

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