Disney Vloggers You Should Watch

After a long day at work, we all have that one thing we like to do to unwind. Mine- watching YouTube! You can literally find a video about anything on YouTube. And some of my favorite videos to watch are all about Disney (I know-shocker!). Check out some of my favorite Disney Creators to watch on YouTube.

1. Happiest Vlogs

If you are looking for some great Disney content then you should definitely check out Jen and Scott of Happiest Vlogs. These New Yorkers do a great job of showing off all they love about Disney World. Plus, once you’ve watched them for a bit you will know that Jen is famous for her room tours. In addition to all of this great content, Jen and Scott are Disney Vacation Club members, which means they also offer some great tips and tricks for people looking to join DVC or just people who are new to it. Make sure you check out Jen and Scott’s YouTube videos. Plus, check them out on Instagram.

2. The WDW Couple

If all types of Disney reviews are your thing, then check out Taylor and Josh from the WDW Couple. They feature awesome dining reviews and special event reviews. These reviews are so in depth that Josh even rates the softness of the butter in the restaurant. They definitely offer some good tips and tricks for those guests visiting Walt Disney World.  In addition to checking out their YouTube channel, be sure to check them out on Instagram here.

3. Alessandra West

My girl Alessandra has a hilarious YouTube channel. Although her channel is fairly new, you can check out some fun videos about the Princess Half Marathon Weekend or the new Disney Villians Colourpop Collection. Be sure to check out her channel and follow her on Instagram for more super cool content.

4. Kyle Pallo

A Disney College Program member, Kyle has grown his channel a ton since starting. He now even sells merchandise with his famous tagline, “It’s Time to Jump Around.” His videos are great because they show off lots of different things to do in the parks from a unique perspective- that of an employee. Definitely make sure you check out Kyle’s channel and follow him on Instagram.

5. Tim Tracker

One of the most popular Disney Vloggers, Tim Tracker has over 600K subscribers on YouTube and features great, thorough content about Disney and more. If you are looking for reviews or tips, I highly recommend checking out Tim’s YouTube channel and Instagram. And don’t forget about his wife, Jenn! She has her own Instagram page here and is also always partaking in the fun on Tim’s YouTube Channel.

6. Michael Kay

Michael Kay produces all types of Disney content. Whether he’s headed on a Disney cruise, visiting Disney with his family or soaking up the sun at Aulani in Hawaii, Michael offers you his honest opinions on it all. You should definitely check out Michael’s channel and Instagram account.

7. Disney Food Blog

I am a huge fan of the Disney Food Blog. They offer the best tips, restaurant suggestions and breaking news. Plus, I love how they do tons of lists and countdowns to make prioritizing different places in Disney easy. Besides the actual blog part of DFB, be sure to check out their YouTube channel.

8. Tyler Travels

Tyler, who is a Disney Travel Agent, visits Disney quite frequently with his wife Jessica (a beauty vlogger- @JAMbeauty89) and his newborn daughter. They honestly produce the cutest Disney content and provide some informative reviews and tips. Be sure to check out both Tyler & Jessica’s channels plus be sure to follow along on Instagram.

9. Amanda Wrate

Amanda shows off her DCP adventures on her channel. Her content is super fun and shows off all of the fun things there are to do in Disney World. You should definitely check out her YouTube channel and her Instagram here.

10. Disneymagic4Life

This cute family chronicles their Disney vacations, whether those are at WDW or on a Disney Cruise. Besides just being Disney visitors, they are also DVC members. If you want to feel some strong Disney vibes, then definitely check out their channel.

Well there you have it, some of my favorite Disney YouTube Channels to watch. Do you guys love to watch Disney YouTube channels like me? Let me know in the comments below! Plus, be sure to mention who you love to watch.

Head over to @thehappiesttravelsonearth on Instagram and follow me to see more!

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