Disney & Cruise YouTubers to Watch in 2020

It’s officially 2020 which means we all make resolutions to do new things. Whether that’s aspiring to visit a new place or take up a new hobby, anything goes in this year. My favorite down-time activity is to watch YouTube. It connects me to Disney and cruises when I’m missing them and keeps me up-to-date on anything new that’s happening. You can learn so much information from checking out YouTube and I have some favorite channels that I always watch. Check out my favorite YouTubers to watch in 2020. 

1. Tyler Travels TV

Tyler and his wife Jessica, who is a beauty vlogger (jambeauty89) are big Disney people. They have a little girl named Gigi, who is the absolute cutest and is so adorable when she meets the characters. Tyler is also a Disney travel agent, who provides great tips and content in his videos that will help people looking to go to Disney. If you aren’t in need of specific information, Tyler & Jessica’s videos are just super fun to watch and make you smile.

2. Tim Tracker

A favorite on any Disney YouTuber list is Tim Tracker. Tim and his wife Jenn just welcomed a new baby so you will be sure to see your dose of cuteness and Disney facts. Tim visits Disney and Universal to give you updates on new things happening and keeps his viewers in the know about Disney.

3. The WDW Couple

Another favorite of mine to watch is the WDW Couple. Taylor and Josh are a married couple that are always there to upload a video about something new happening at Walt Disney World. They also live stream a lot from the parks which is fun to watch since you are seeing what’s happening in real time. I love watching their videos to stay up-to-date on the very newest things happening in the parks. 

4. Michael Kay

Michael Kay is another Disney YouTuber that you should be watching. He recently moved to Orlando which means you’ll be getting information when it happens. His videos are very detailed and give you lots of information. He is also super honest which means you’ll be getting true opinions on things. 

5. Disney Magic 4 Life

Ashleigh, Gary and Gavin makeup Disney Magic 4 Life. They are a Disney loving family who are also DVC members. They create really fun content on their trips to Disney that makes you jealous that you aren’t there. They also love to go on Disney cruises and those videos are always great to watch. 

6. This is How We Bingham

While they aren’t solely Disney YouTubers, the Binghams know how to travel. In 2019, they visited Disneyland a few times and went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise (same one as me!- WooHoo for Freedom of the Seas). Besides those adventures, they visited Hawaii and took other family trips throughout the year. If you are looking to see a cute family and live vicariously through their fun adventures, then the Binghams are for you. Besides them, their WHOLE FAMILY are YouTubers. And they also go on some fun adventures, so be sure to also check out Dan & Chelle, Our Life in Holland, Justin and Britt and Sean Bingham, you won’t be sorry. 

Do you have any YouTube channels that I should add to my must-watch list in 2020? Let me know in the comments below. 

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