Dining Review: Ale and Compass Restaurant

When it’s your last day in Disney you of course want to spend as much time as possible in the parks! So when your in Epcot, it’s convenient to head to a restaurant that is close. This is where the Ale and Compass Restaurant at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort comes in. It was just a little boat ride away from Epcot and allowed less travel time and more fun time in Epcot.

Ale and Compass is a relatively new restaurant at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort. It used to be Captain’s Grille before being renovated last year and is now part of an Ale and Compass Collection. There is the Ale and Compass Lounge, the Market at the Ale and Compass and the Ale and Compass Restaurant. The aesthetics of the restaurant are beautiful and very clean.

Interior of Ale & Compass Restaurant

Upon first look at the menu, I noticed that the options are slightly limited. There are a few meat dishes on the menu and some more unique choices.

Ale & Compass Menu

After ordering a drink, a glass of Moscato (which is now included on the dining plan), we ordered our food and waited. Unlike many table service restaurants at Walt Disney World, this restaurant does not give you bread with your meal. If you want bread, you’d have to pay separate for it, which was slightly disappointing after having unlimited bread at Tutto Italia and Les Chefs de France the night before.

Moscato Wine

After ordering, our food was delivered pretty quickly, probably within 20. I ordered the Braised Short Ribs with French Fries instead of Vegetable Mash. The braised short ribs were good and to be honest, I kind of wanted more because the piece was pretty small.

Smoked Short Ribs

As our waitress cleared away the plates, she gave us the dessert menu. There were 5 options for dessert.

Ale & Compass Dessert Menu

I went with the Twelve Layer Chocolate Cake. Once again, it was good. The cake itself was a little bit dense and super chocolatey. I like chocolate but I ended up eating about ⅔ of my cake because it was too much after a while. My mom had the Apple Tart for dessert and thought it tasted good. 

Overall, I wouldn’t say this was a bad meal by any means. I didn’t love that the meal felt rushed and I could have went for a bit more food than what was given. With that being said, it is in a convenient location that is quiet and beautiful. If your at Epcot and want to eat dinner in the vicinity, this could be a good alternative if you aren’t super hungry and are looking for something quick.

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