Quick Service Breakfast Review: Be Our Guest

“Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest! Put our Service to the Test.”- Lumiere, Beauty and the Beast

We all have our favorite classic Disney movie that makes us smile. For me, that movie is Beauty and the Beast. So when I heard that Disney was creating a restaurant themed like classic spaces in this movie, I was intrigued.

First Impression of Be Our Guest

Let’s preface this by saying that this review is strictly for breakfast. As many in the Disney community know, Be Our Guest is one of the hardest restaurants on Disney property to get a reservation for dinner. But a little secret that allows you to see the inside of Beast’s castle without having to sell your first born is going for breakfast or lunch. Both are quick service options that allow you to eat inside the castle. The only experience your missing during your breakfast or lunch that you receive at dinner is the opportunity to meet the Beast at the end of your meal.

Gaston’s Tavern


Tucked away in  Fantasyland is Beast’s Castle and Gaston’s Tavern. Both make up a little village that submerges you into Beauty and the Beast. The theme is amazing and makes you feel as though you were transported to Belle’s story. As I mentioned, this is in Fantasyland so when entering the Magic Kingdom, walk straight through Cinderella’s Castle and head to the right of the Carousel. 

Check in at Beast’s castle is outside.  Once you tell them you are there, they give you a menu and you wait on line outside of the castle doors. Don’t forget to look around while your outside to spot all of the amazing Disney details.

Inside the Castle

Once inside, you wait on line again, this time to get to an available kiosk to order your food. The queue is decorated with knights in shining armor. Pay close attention to them and listen carefully- that’s all I am going to say.

Once you are at a kiosk, you tap your magic band and enter whether or not you are using a dining plan. Since I was on the dining plan, my food came with any drink I wanted on the screen options. After you place your order, you are instructed to find a table and your food will be delivered to you. Now they state there are 2 ways that the wait staff knows where to go, via your magic band or a rose type of magic band you can put on the table. I am not sure if the rose isn’t an option anymore or they just weren’t using the roses that day because I did not see anyone do that.

Beast’s castle consists of 3 dining rooms, the main ballroom, the West Wing and the Rose Gallery. Being a Beauty and the Beast fan, it is truly amazing to see how these rooms came to life from the movie. My family and I chose the main ballroom as the setting to enjoy our breakfast.

The Food

Very promptly, our food was delivered to our table. There is a drink station in each room so that you can get your fountain drinks or hot beverages.

In terms of the meal, I ordered the Feast a la Gaston, which was scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, roasted potatoes and a fruit cup. The meal was a typical quick service type of breakfast and was pretty good. I definitely think the allure to having breakfast here is more the atmosphere and experience than anything else. In addition to our food being delivered, you are given a complimentary plate of assorted pastries, which included a croissant and mini muffin. This was a nice touch as most quick service breakfasts don’t come with anything like that.

It’s All in the Details

Whichever room you decide to sit and enjoy your meal in, be sure to take a walk around and explore the other rooms. They are pretty awesome. There are tons of small details that just add to the DisnjAnd be sure to look for that magic rose in the West Wing!

Stained Glass Window at Exit

And on the way out, don’t forget to take a picture with the beautiful stained glass window, that many know from the movie. 

My Opinion

All in all, I think that Be Our Guest was a unique and awesome experience. As a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, it was so cool to see the movie come to life and experience it while I ate breakfast. I definitely think it is worth a visit and it is a great use of the dining plan as it is one of the most expensive quick service restaurants for breakfast.

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