Dining Review: Cape May Cafe

I love a good buffet! I love a buffet even more if the food is really good! You combine those two things with seafood and you have a success on your hands in my book. Enter the Cape May Cafe at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. Just a quick boat ride away from Epcot, this resort is a great dinner choice!

Cape May Cafe is an established, popular restaurant at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. The restaurant has been serving up delicious breakfasts and dinners for almost 28 years.

If you’ve never visited the Beach Club Resort, I definitely recommend you do that. The resort features lots of light woods and classic, beach side colors. It is conveniently located on Crescent Lake, across from the Boardwalk Resort and right next to Epcot.

Upon entering the restaurant, you notice that there is a bright and airy feel, which is in line with the resorts New England vibe. The seating area is colorful and get’s you excited to start this buffet adventure. Since this is a buffet option, there is no menu to choose from. A perk of eating at this restaurant is that it doesn’t take up 2 Table Service credits, only 1, if your on the Disney Dining Plan. You can order a beverage, as usual, if your over 21 it can be an alcoholic beverage and if your under 21, it is non-alcoholic.

Once you’re seated, you can just head right up to the buffet and start digging in! The buffet options include soups, salads, clambake food, comfort food, meats, kid focused meals and desserts- it really is immense.

New England Clam Chowder Soup

I started my meal with a soup and what better soup to have here then the New England Clam Chowder. It was really, really good! I highly recommend starting your meal with one of the soups offered.

Next up was to hit the rest of the delicious options on the buffet. Now, I will tell you, I had multiple plates of food and mostly the same stuff each time, because it was that good. I tried the children’s mac and cheese, the fried shrimp (YES), the fried clams (YES), crab legs (YES), chicken pasta and strip loin. Everything was delicious. My favorites if you couldn’t tell already were the fried shrimp, the fried clams and the crab legs. The mac and cheese was really good too!

Dessert Buffet Options

And if there wasn’t enough to eat, the dessert section was HUGE! There were so many different options to choose from for dessert. I opted for a brownie, a cookies and cream cheesecake, a red velvet cupcake and a Mickey sprinkle sugar cookie. Now I’ve had these sugar cookies before at Starbucks in Epcot and they are my fave! Definitely try them out. I had a few of them…… I also had seconds on that cookies and cream cheesecake because it was just delicious. Luckily, the dessert buffet offers small pieces of all of these desserts so that you can try a lot. Like I said, my favorites from the dessert section are the sugar cookies and the cookies and cream cheesecake.

Floor Mats at Entrance to Beach Club Resort

Overall, I would highly recommend trying out Cape May Cafe and experiencing the dinner buffet. They offered a lot of fresh, delicious seafood choices and even had options for those not interested in seafood. The dessert buffet was also immense. The location makes it a great stop for those Epcot days that you want to break up a bit.

Have you ever tried Cape May Buffet before? What was your favorite item on the menu? If you haven’t, what would you be most excited to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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