Explore the World (Showcase): What to do in Italy

Ciao and welcome to the Italy Pavilion. Here you will be transported to the romantic country of Italy for an immersive experience. Check out all there is to do in the Italy Pavilion.


The landscape of the Italy pavilion is quite impressive. A replica of St. Mark’s Square in Venice is what welcomes you to this pavilion.

Lagoon Side

Lagoon Side of the Italy Pavilion

On the lagoon side, you will see bridges and gondolas, like you would in Venice, just amplifying this experience.

Once you enter the pavilion, you will see an open square with a stage and off to the side you will see the Neptune Fountain, which is a nod to the Trevi Fountain in Rome. For the most part, the architecture is heavily inspired by Venice, with some touches inspired by Florence and Rome as well.


The Italy Pavilion features a multitude of food options for guests. You can choose from two table service restaurants, a pizza window and a wine cellar. When entering the pavilion, the first table service restaurant you hit is Tutto Italia. The food in this restaurant is delicious and the service was excellent. The restaurant is decorated to make you feel as if you’ve been transported to Italy.

Via Napoli

I’ve never tried Via Napoli, the other table service restaurant, but i’ve heard the food and more specifically, the pizza, is delicious. If a table service restaurant doesn’t entice you but you want to try some pizza, there is the Pizza al Taglio window, where you can order some authentic pizza. There is also a wine cellar at Tutto Italia called Tutto Gusto, which features small plates and a large drink menu.


The Italy Pavilion does not feature a ride or show, but does have some authentic entertainment, such as a juggler and mime.


Building with Shopping

The Italy Pavilion features a few shops that offer authentic Italian merchandise. You can pick up some Venetian masks and glass jewelry, Italian leather goods, perfumes and even Italian snacks. This pavilion is always a stop for me to pick up souvenirs. I love the Venetian glass bracelets and small leather goods.

Character Meetings

For the most part, this pavilion does not have any character interactions. Since this is something that can change easily, be sure to check the area or your My Disney Experience App for more information.

Special Events

Italy Booth & Fried Calamari at Food & Wine

During special events such as Food & Wine and Flower & Garden, Italy has a booth set up. You can try traditional Italian items at Food & Wine such as Fried Calamari and different pastas.

At Flower & Garden I tried the Moscato which was delicious. Also during Flower & Garden, a topiary of Lady & the Tramp is set up in front of the pavilion as well as an assortment of flowers. Before exiting the pavilion, there is a topiary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

There you have it, a look at the Italy Pavilion at Epcot. Be sure to check back for another installment of Explore the World (Showcase).

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