Rainy Day Plans & Tips at Disney

As much as we plan and reserve there is one thing that is beyond our control when we travel, the weather. Sometimes Mother Nature has different plans for us and we just have to roll with it. But what happens when you are visiting the Happiest Place on Earth, where a lot of the attractions and queues are outside. Check out some things to do and some tips when it rains at Disney. 

Keep in Mind….

You are visiting Florida. It rains a lot! Most of the time rain lasts for 20 minutes to an hour and then it’s all sun and games again. If that happens, head to an indoor location, aka, a ride, Starbucks, a restaurant or anywhere that is covered. By the time you’re done you won’t even know it rained. These tips are helpful in full day rain situations as well as those quick afternoon shower times. 

1. DO: Resort Hop

Resort Hopping is an awesome thing to do if it rains at Disney. First off, for the most part, all Disney transportation is covered. Bus stops have roofs and the monorail is all indoors so you will stay nice and dry. Disney Resorts have so much to do that you can fill up a day just exploring. Whether that entails trying out some of their restaurants or doing some shopping, you will definitely be entertained. You can jump on the monorail and visit 3 of the most deluxe accommodations on property: Disney’s Grand Floridian, Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Village. Plus, you can pretty much take a bus anywhere on property.

2. DO: Visit Disney Springs

Disney Springs is the shopping, dining and entertainment district of the Walt Disney World Resort. There is a ton to do and see. And a lot of these attractions are indoors. You can eat, shop and even catch a movie. These activities are fun and will keep you entertained. Just keep in mind that if you want to go beyond certain areas you may get wet while moving around but there is always somewhere around to seek shelter that you won’t be wet for long. 

3. DON’T: Visit the World Showcase or the Animal Kingdom

If you are in Epcot and see those grey clouds building up, don’t head to the World Showcase. This area features 11 World Countries. On nice days, it’s awesome! But, on rainy days there aren’t that many places that are indoors. It is pretty much an open area. Instead DO head to Future World West, which is home to the Land, the Imagination Pavilion and the Seas. All of these areas are close to each other, so while you may get a little wet, you won’t be exposed to the rain too long. Plus, by the time you finish in one of these areas, the rain may be done.

If you are already in the World Showcase and need somewhere to hide during the rain here are a few of my top spots to hide: the Pyramid of the Mexico Pavilion (can you say, let’s ride The Three Caballeros!), the American Adventure Pavilion and if it’s supposed to be a super quick rain storm, the side of the Mitsukoshi building in the Japan Pavilion. 

The same is true of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. As the name sounds, it is all about animals who, guess what, live outside! Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of those parks that doesn’t have many places to hide in a rainstorm. If you see that rain is on the horizon for an extended period of time, I would recommend skipping Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the day. Check out tip #5 for a unique rainy day experience. 

4. DO: Bring a Poncho or Raincoat

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, it rains a lot  in Florida….. so it doesn’t hurt to bring a poncho or light raincoat with you. During my last trip, I brought a North Face rain coat and then picked up a packable Columbia Raincoat at the Columbia store in Disney Springs. It was great because it folded up nice and small but protected me from the elements when it rained. Another great item to have in your park day bag is this Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho from Amazon. The price is about $16.99 (it is Amazon Prime) and comes in 42 colors. Yes, I said 42 colors. They fold up pretty nicely into a small square and are great when you get stuck in a park in the middle of a torrential storm. 

5. DO: Visit the Magic Kingdom & Watch the Rainy Day Cavalcade

Everyone knows that at 3pm the parade begins at the Magic Kingdom. But if the weather is really that bad or bad for an extended period of time, you will be in for a unique experience. The Rainy Day Cavalcade. A mini version of a parade, everyone walking down Main Street will be donning their rainy day best. There is also a special song just for this parade. This parade usually only runs when the weather is really bad.

6. DON’T: Let it Ruin Your Vacation

As I said, it’s something you cannot control. So just roll with it. Rock your poncho, get a little wet, take some fun Memory Maker Photos…….. at least your still in Disney! 

Has it ever rained on your Disney parade? What are some of your favorite things to do when it rains in Disney? Let me know in the comments below.

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