Updated Dining Review: Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’

If you’ve read my blog before, you will know that I tried Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ located in Disney Springs last May 2018 and absolutely loved it. So during my most recent trip to WDW in September 2019, I knew that was a must-do. Our reservation was made directly through Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ restaurant and we had a Disney Dining Plan. 

The atmosphere at Chef Art Smith’s is just amazing. You feel like your at home thanks to the wood accents, booths and the open kitchen. Upon arrival, we were asked if we wanted to sit inside or outside (it’s not completely outside, there is a screened off deck area which overlooks Disney Springs). Even though it was an absolutely beautiful day, we had just gone to the Animal Kingdom, which meant it was hot and we wanted AC! 

Once we were seated, we were given the large menu that is front and back. The front features appetizers, salads, sandwiches and entrees, while the back features drinks. Since our last visit, the menu has been changed slightly. The Florida Grouper has been replaced by the Grilled Mahi and Shrimp, the Capitol Meatloaf has been replaced by the Porterhouse Pork Chop and the Kitchen Plate has been added. 

With the Disney Dining Plan (to learn more about it, click here), you are entitled to one entree, one dessert and one alcoholic beverage. If you are under 21, you can get a non-alcoholic drink. 

First up was our drink order. The last time I visited I had the Rumshine Punch, which is on tap and is Strawberry Rumshine, Blackberry Brandy, Banana Liqueur, Pineapple Juice and House Made Grenadine. While I really enjoyed it, I thought I would try something different this time. After much contemplation, I chose the Sweet Tea Shine, which was also on tap. The Sweet Tea Shine contains sweet tea, fresh squeezed lemon and moonshine. While this sounds pretty simple, it was absolutely delicious AND super refreshing on such a hot day. I highly recommend it. Other members of my party tried the Blood Orange Madras, which they really enjoyed and Yuengling Beer. 

Now onto my favorite part, the entree. There are tons of choices at Chef Art Smith’s, so something will be sure to tickle your fancy. There is fried chicken, pork, fish and much more. Now while I did want to try new things, I just couldn’t shy away from my favorite meal at Chef Art Smith’s, the Chopped Pork Plate. Ughhhh, it was amazing! AND this time I got the Mac and Cheese with BACON! There was not a bad thing on my plate- it all tasted AMAZING! You are able to switch your sides if you want, but I stuck with Momma’s Mac and Cheese which didn’t disappoint. Other members of my party ordered some different items. My mom ordered the Grilled Mahi with Shrimp which came with roasted sweet potatoes, braised kale and collard greens and she absolutely loved it and said it was really tasty. While my dad ordered Art’s Famous Fried Chicken, which comes with mashed potatoes and a biscuit. He had this last time and loved it and said it was just as good this time. He claims it’s probably the best fried chicken he’s ever had. 

Of course, no meal is complete without dessert. And Chef Art Smith’s has tons of dessert options. While at this point we couldn’t move because we were so full, it did come with dessert, so why not right? We all had different desserts.

Once again, I ordered the Doughnuts (dusted with sugar) like last time and they were so good. My mom ordered the Hamilton County Chocolate Pecan Pie and said it tasted really good. This came with ice cream too. Lastly, my dad had the Hummingbird Cake, which got high praises as well. 

Overall, Chef Art Smith’s is a 20/10 as usual! The food was delicious, the drinks were great and the atmosphere was awesome! The restaurant has tons of fun touches throughout and is located in a great area of Disney Springs. The location is perfect for a stroll around to let you digest when your done (because you will need it). You definitely need to visit as fast as possible! You will not regret a visit! 

Have you tried Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ before? If so, what’s your favorite item on the menu? Let me know in the comments. 

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