Busting 5 Cruising Myths

Recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic setbacks, cruises have always been considered one of the most popular vacations in the world. Thanks to constant innovation, you will even forget you’re at sea! 

But with that being said, people still have reservations about going on a cruise. Whether you hear something or read something that turns you off, you can’t always believe what you hear! 

Check out these 5 cruise myths we are busting!

1. Cruises are just for Seniors

Sometimes you see on these TV shows that cruise ships are all senior citizens that go to bed at 8pm. That is untrue. Many of the major cruise lines have upped their game. There is so much to do on a cruise that you will see a lot of families and young adults. There are always Broadway style shows, clubs and stores open late hours. Now with that being said, while the ship won’t shut down, certain cruise lines do cater to older crowds and there will be less to do after a certain time. When booking, read through some reviews on Cruise Critic and see what fellow cruisers have to say about the vibe of the ship and if it’s right for you. 

2. I am going to eat the same food for a week. 

Cruises today don’t just feature one restaurant and one buffet. Dining options are numerous on ships and can offer guests different cuisine depending on the restaurant. For example, Norwegian has a steak restaurant, Cagney’s, a Churrascaria, Moderno’s, an Italian restaurant, La Cucina and a Japanese Hibachi style restaurant, Teppanyaki. 

3. I will be stuck sitting with people I don’t know at dinner. 

Cruise lines have also reacted to guests who don’t want to eat at a set time each night or dine with other cruisers. Many cruise lines have introduced any time dining programs, which operate just like going to a restaurant at home. Whatever time you are ready to eat, you just go over to the restaurant and say, for example, table for 3 please. It’s as simple as that. This helps the issue of set dining time and table mates. For cruise lines that still use set dining, you can request to sit separately so don’t fear. 

4. I am going to be stuck on a cruise ship with nothing to do.

Once again, with so much innovation in the cruise ship industry you will probably experience quite the opposite. Cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean have activities such as the FlowRider, RipCord by iFly and the Northstar which means your days and nights are booked with fun! Once again, if this is something you worry about, definitely read reviews to see what types of activities the ship offers guests and if they are aligned with your interests. Usually the newer ships will offer more of these fun innovations. 

5. We have to wear gowns and tuxedos every night to dinner and shows. 

Thanks to all of the progress in the cruise industry we’ve already discussed, guests can now sit back and relax at dinner. Gone are the days of tuxedos and gowns at dinner. Common attire on cruises for dinner now includes shorts and casual wear. While you won’t have to get dressed up every night, most cruise lines still offer guests a “formal” night where you have the option of getting a little dressed up and taking some formal photos. 

Have you been on a cruise before? Or have any other myths you want busted? Let me know in the comments below! 

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