Epcot’s International Flower & Garden Festival- The Food

Looking to experience Epcot differently? Head to one of the many festivals that are held there! For only a few more days (until May 28th), Epcot is hosting their 25th annual International Flower and Garden Festival. Besides beautiful topiaries and flowers, you can experience some delicious cuisine and drinks found around the world. This first post will talk about the food and drinks that are available at the festival. Come back to learn more about what else the festival has to offer.

passport and gift card

Epcot’s World Showcase is filled with delicious food and drinks from around the world. Just like some of their other festival’s, you can grab a “passport” to eat and drink your way around the world. One tip is to load one of the festival gift cards that has a wrist bracelet with some money so you can easily keep your bracelet on your wrist and not have to fumble with money as you are walking around.

With 15 festival booths located around the world showcase, plus some of the usual booths that are out, let’s begin eating and drinking……

Northern Bloom Menu

My Northern Bloom Food

The Northern Bloom booth located at the Canada pavilion featured dishes such as scallops, beef tenderloin tips and a grilled maple pound cake. I tried the Beef tenderloin tips and they were delicious! Once again, the beef is on point at the Canada booth. I had the filet mignon at the Food & Wine Festival and that was delicious as well.

Cider House

Next up was the Cider House booth, which is located at the mouth of the England pavilion.The Cider House booth featured a pear cider brined shredded corned beef, a house made potato and cheddar cheese biscuit and a freshly baked lemon scone.


fish and chips and beer

I did not stop at this booth but went over to the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, which also had a booth out and grabbed a Harp Lager Draft and the Fish and Chips, which were really good. 

Fleur de Lys

My food Fleur de Lys

Our next stop was France and the Fleur de Lys booth. They had items such as a tomato tart, braised duck and a chocolate macaron. Here I decided to try the chocolate macaron. This is one treat I definitely did not regret getting. When I tell you it was delicious I honestly could have just kept eating those all day long…. And it looks pretty too!

florida fresh

Located between the France and Morocco pavilions is the Florida Fresh booth, which features items such as Carne Guisada, shrimp and grits and a key lime tart.

Taste of Marrakesh

Morocco had its own booth as well, called a Taste of Marrakesh. Here you can try some authentic Moroccan cuisine such as a chicken kebab, fried cauliflower and a walnut honey baklava.


Making our journey around the world showcase we hit Japan and the Hanami booth next. While I didn’t try anything here, I saw a ton of people ordering the Frushi. Also available is ginger beef udon and teriyaki salmon.


The host pavilion was a busy one. Head to the back of the U.S. pavilion to find the Smokehouse, guarded by a topiary of Woody from Toy Story. Here you can try pulled pig sliders, burnt ends, a burnt ends hash and a warm chocolate cake.

Primavera Kitchen


Say Ciao to Italy and the Primavera Kitchen booth. Here you can try an asparagus frittata, fried shrimp and zucchini, lobster ravioli or a cantaloupe panna cotta. In terms of drinks, I tried the Moscato. Besides the adorable glass that the Moscato came in, it tasted really good! I highly recommend.


Up next is the Bauernmarkt in the Germany Pavilion, which seemed to be another popular stop. You can try potato pancakes, toasted pretzel bread or warm cheese strudel.


Although I didn’t stop here, I did stop in the Germany Pavilion and tried the jumbo pretzel and a pilsner beer. I think you should definitely give both a try because they were good.


The Lotus House at the China Pavilion was next on our journey through the world showcase. Options included the spicy meatballs, fried chicken dumplings and vegetable spring rolls. I did notice on a few occasions that this booth closed during the day.


Norway is next and didn’t necessarily have a booth. It was really just their bakery that was outside rather than inside a store called Midnattssol. Here you could try some Norwegian dessert specialties such as the famous School Bread and their nod to Frozen, Anna’s Birthday Cake.


Next up was the Mexico booth called Jardin de Fiestas. This booth featured pork tacos, chilaquiles and bread pudding. Silly me forgot to take a picture of this booth but I actually did try something here. I tried the Tiger Lily Sangria and it was really, really good.

Four more booths featured at the festival were the Honey Bee-stro, the Pineapple Promenade, the Berry Basket and La Isla Fresca.

Honey Bee-Stro

The Honey Bee-stro, featured roasted cauliflower, honey tandoori chicken flatbread and a honey mascarpone cheesecake.  

The Berry Basket featured a lamb chop, field greens and a wild berry buckle.

Pineapple Promenade

The Pineapple Promenade featured a spicy hot dog and pineapple soft-serve.

Lastly, La Isla Fresca offered Jamaican braised beef, sugar cane shrimp with rice, Caribbean conch salad and a tropical mousse cake.  

If you are in the Orlando area or are heading there and want to enjoy some delicious food with a pretty view, head to the Flower and Garden Festival now, before it ends on May 28th!

Head over @thehappiesttravelsonearth on Instagram to see more. 🙂

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