World Showcase Restaurants

Epcot is home to the World Showcase and some amazing dining options. If your contemplating eating at the World Showcase but aren’t sure about your options, it can get totally overwhelming as to which places are table and quick service locations. Check out my guide to dining in the World Showcase. Plus, if you’d like to learn more about each country individually, check back for my series Explore the World (Showcase), where I dig into detail about each country. 

Let’s Begin……

A major debate among Epcot lovers is which way to begin your journey around the World. My preference is making a right at the entrance and heading to Canada first, which is where we will start.


Canada Pavilion

Home to one of the most popular signature dining experiences on Disney property, Canada’s restaurant boasts an impressive menu. Le Cellier is themed after a Canadian chateau and serves decadent steaks and seafood. This restaurant has a following thanks to their huge, delicious meals. **Pro tip: If you ever visit Disney during Food & Wine or Flower & Garden, head to the Canada booth. Here you can try their famous Filet Mignon or Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup. While you won’t receive the ambiance that the restaurant provides, you will be able to try some of these dishes and see if you want to add Le Cellier to your list for your next visit.


Jumping across the pond (or maybe just next door) is the England Pavilion. England is famous for its Fish and Chips. And you can experience this meal at Disney. England is home to two dining experiences, The Rose and Crown Pub, which is a table service and The Yorkshire County Fish Shop, which is a quick service. Both locations offer the classic Fish and Chips and beer, but the Rose and Crown Pub offers guests a sit down experience with additional dining options. I tried the Yorkshire County Fish Shop during my last visit and it was really good and served super authentically on newspapers.


Bonjour. Head over the bridge and you land in France. This pavilion is home to 4 different food experiences. You can dine at Les Chefs de France, which is a table service restaurant, eat in style at Monsieur Paul, a signature restaurant, snack on some delicious pastries at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie or cool down in the Florida heat at L’Artisan de Glaces, an ice cream shop. A favorite of mine at this pavilion is Les Chefs de France and their Prix Fixe Menu. For a full review of this restaurant, click here. You can try some classic French Onion Soup, Duck or Beef Tenderloin. **Pro tip: During Flower & Garden they have a macaron that is delicious. Listen to me and just get it! It’s totally worth it!


Morocco Pavilion

Walking further, we hit Morocco. This is another pavilion that is home to 4 food experiences, the most popular being Restaurant Marrakesh, which is a table service restaurant. Morocco also has Spice Road Table, another table service location, The Tangerine Cafe, a quick service location and Moorish Cafe and Pastry Shop.


Japan Pavilion

Next up on journey around the world is Japan. Japan is home to two table service restaurants and one quick service restaurant. If you are a lover of hibachi, you will enjoy Teppan Edo. Tokyo Dining features more traditional Japanese cuisine. The quick service location in Japan is the Katsura Grill. I’ve also heard that a new dining experience is set to open in the Japan Pavilion in the next year.

United States

United States Pavilion

Welcome home! You’ve made it to the United States, which also means you are about halfway around the world. Interestingly enough, the United States Pavilion does not feature a table service restaurant. There are 4 quick service locations here, each offering American classics. Head to the Liberty Inn for some hamburgers, hot dogs and apple pie. If you are looking for not only an American classic but a Disney staple, head to Fife and Drum for the turkey legs. There is also a booth to get American Beers and a booth for a classic, Churros. 


Ciao! In classic Italian fashion, there are multitude of food options available at this pavilion. There are two table service options and two quick service options. As soon as you enter the pavilion you will see the first table service option Tutto Italia. I highly recommend it here. The food was delicious and plentiful. For a full review, click here. If you head towards the back of the pavilion you will see Via Napoli, another table service location, known for its pizzas. If you aren’t interested in sitting down, next to Via Napoli you will find Pizza al Taglio, which is a pizza window. Plus, there is also a cart where you can pick up some classic Italian pastries and drinks.


Hallo! Welcome to Germany. This pavilion is known for delicious items such as bratwurst, pretzels and beer. You can pick up items like these in two locations in Germany, Biergarten, which is the table service location and Sommerfest, a quick service location. The pretzels here are huge so I definitely recommend sharing with someone, but they are delicious. Inside the stores here, you can pick up some Caramel and there is a wine and beer cellar in the store next door.


China Pavilion

Next up is the China Pavilion. This area features one table service restaurant, Nine Dragons Restaurant, and two quick service locations, the Lotus Blossom Cafe and the Joy of Tea. While I’ve never eaten in this pavilion, I have heard that the food is actually pretty good in the Nine Dragons Restaurant.


It’s time to visit Anna & Elsa in Norway. Just kidding, it’s actually time to try some food. This pavilion is home to one table service and two quick service locations. Akershus, the table service location, Kringla Bakeri and Midnattssol Bakeri. Akershus is a popular restaurant on Disney property as it’s home to the Princess Dining Experience. Both quick service locations offer different types of Norwegian fare.


Hola! We’ve made it around the world to Mexico! Here you can celebrate your world voyage with a margarita (or two, I won’t tell). You can dine at two different table service locations or grab a quick snack from one of two quick service locations. The first table service in Mexico is La Hacienda de San Angel, which sits on the World Showcase lagoon and offers traditional Mexican dishes. Another traditional Mexican dining experience is located inside Mexico’s signature pyramid and is called San Angel Inn Restaurant. If quicker is your taste, try La Cantina de San Angel for foods like tacos and churros. Or if you really just came to drink head to La Cava de Tequila for some classic Tequila concoctions.

Have you dined at the World Showcase before? If so, where is your favorite restaurant? If not, which one are you looking forward most to trying? Let me know in the comments below.

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