5 Vloggers to Watch for All the Cruise Vibes

Well 2020 has been quite the year, hasn’t it? Since March, we’ve all been stuck inside the house… binging YouTube or Netflix and dreaming of vacations! With cruise lines continually pushing back their sail dates due to the CDC expanding no sail orders, cruisers are desperate for a getaway. As someone who has been on 19 cruises and counting, I am really missing heading on a cruise. I don’t know about anyone else, but I love to watch YouTube to help me get through these cruise withdrawals. Check out these YouTube channels you should watch if you’re looking to “seas the day!”

Vlogging Channels

Sharon at Sea Travel

If you love to cruise and want to get all the cruise vibes, then you should check out Sharon at Sea Travel on YouTube. Sharon, her husband Jamie and son Matthew chronicle their vacations for all to see. Their videos are super helpful as they show fun places to hang out on the ships as well as all of the restaurants and the ports of call. While Sharon and her family have sailed on tons of Carnival ships, they have recently expanded into Royal Caribbean and Norwegian too, so be sure to stay tuned to see which line they sail with next. 

Griff & Alyssa

Griff & Alyssa are another duo that are a must if you love to cruise. Their actual videos are filmed beautifully and the content they share is amazing. They have sailed on many different cruise lines including Royal Caribbean and Disney. They do an awesome job of showing off both the ships and the ports that they visit. Their videos make you feel like you are actually sailing with them. If you are looking to watch some purely fun and exciting content, check out Griff & Alyssa. 

La Lido Loca Cruising

If learning all about cruises and staying up-to-date on information is your thing, check out La Lido Loca Cruising. Tony and Jenny create a myriad of videos that include cruise vlogs as well as cruise news and much, much more. The ships they have sailed on span many different cruise lines including MSC, Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Celebrity. They create videos regularly and show off the fun of cruising, so be sure to check them out. 

Nautical Nurse Nancy

Nancy is another cruise vlogger that you should definitely check out. She chronicles her adventures, whether she’s with her daughter, husband or friends. Nancy is very active in the cruise community and honestly just loves to cruise, which is evident in her videos and the fun she is having. Her videos show her trips on Royal Caribbean and Carnival ships, as well as all inclusive resorts and Disney! Be sure to stay tuned to her channel to see what’s next. 

The Ship Show

Last up on my list of Cruise Vloggers to watch is The Ship Show. John and his wife love to cruise and have a great time. Whether just the two of them are headed on an adventure or the whole family, including their daughters, they are having a blast, which is definitely fun to watch. They have sailed on predominantly Royal Caribbean cruises but have recently also sailed on Carnival, (with Sharon at Sea & Nautical Nurse Nancy). If you want to watch some fun, check them out. 

Bonus Vlogs

Here’s a list of a few extra cruise vlogs you should check out! 

This is How We Bingham

Another favorite set of YouTubers of mine, This is How We Bingham. While they aren’t cruise vloggers per say, they have sailed and documented their fair share of cruises. They sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas and the Disney Dream. They love to enjoy the ships and ports, so be sure to check them out. 

Matt & Alex

Matt & Alex are Disney Vloggers who are also former Cast Members. But, they have also documented their own cruise vacation onboard the Disney Dream. They show you what it’s like to sail on Disney as an adult, who loves Disney. The looked like they had a blast on their trip. If you want to check out their adventure and fun, be sure to check out their videos. 

Disney Parks

Last up, we have the Disney Parks Vlog. Now you might be saying, Disney Parks? Well they feature different things related to their ships on their channel, including the full show of Tangled: The Musical that is shown onboard the Disney Magic and a glimpse of Beauty and the Beast, shown on the Disney Dream. I mean it’s pretty awesome to see a show you could see onboard a ship in your living room, especially during these quarantine times, so be sure to check it out. 

Well there you have it, my list of must watch cruise vloggers and vlogs. Let me know if you’ve seen any of these vloggers before and if you have a favorite that you watch all the time. 

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