I’m Back…

Hi Guys!

If you’ve checked out this blog recently, you would probably notice it’s been a long minute since I’ve posted anything on here. And by long minute, I mean almost 6 months. 2020 was a tough year, there’s no doubt about that. My desire to create content just wasn’t there. I love to travel, write and learn new things and given what’s happening in the world, that wasn’t something that could happen in 2020. And I’m not quite sure if it will happen in 2021, but I’m hopeful. I want to make 2021 the year I dive back into creating content on here. 

Mask by @MalibuMermaidCo

With that said, I am back. Look for more content from me soon. This content might look a little different than it did before. Of course, the Disney and cruise content will still be there, but perhaps with a little home twist at times. Either way, thanks for coming along on this journey with me. For those of you who stuck around during my little hiatus, it means a lot to me. And to those who didn’t, because there were a lot, that’s ok too! You guys helped me realize that the numbers don’t always matter. 

Here’s to a 2021 that’s happy, healthy and fun again! Stay tuned. 

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