Cruise Ship Themed Nights: What You Need to Know

Heading on a cruise in 2023? There’s so much to remember when you’re packing your bags! From sunscreen, to bathing suits and little accessories like a key card holder, you might not remember one important thing… themed nights! 

That’s right! Cruise ships are known for their themed nights onboard… think white night, red night and even pirate night! So what should you remember to throw in your bag at the last minute? 

Here’s our guide to themed nights onboard some of your favorite cruise lines! 

Norwegian Cruise Line

Depending on the length of your cruise, you are in for some exciting nights! Aside from the classic formal nights that usually make an appearance on cruises, guests should expect to see some other special nights. 

White Hot/Glow Party

This one requires you to bring a white outfit on your cruise. The premise? Wear white and dance the night away. Guests can find family friendly dance parties as well as after-hours adult-only parties to show off their dance moves. 

Latin Night/Caliente Night

Both Latin Night and Caliente Night have roots in Latin music. Caliente is more of a street party that is casual while Latin night is all about hot and steamy dances. Items such as red dresses or pants for women and jeans, collared shirts and fedoras are perfect for men. 

70’s & 80’s Night

Pull those outfits from the back of the closet and throw them in your suitcase for 70’s and 80’s night. I don’t need to tell you what to wear for these two decade evenings, since they are so iconic but remember to pack some leg warmers, parachute pants, platform shoes, bell bottoms and of course a leisure suit. 

Disney Cruise Line

What kind of reporting would be done if we didn’t mention Disney Cruise Line? Home to themes galore, Disney Cruise Line is known for one special themed night onboard all of their ships. 

Pirate Night 

On all Disney Cruises, Pirate Night is a signature event onboard Disney cruises. Guests are encouraged to channel their inner Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook with themed outfits and accessories. If you happen to forget a full costume, DCL does provide a pirate themed bandana in your room. The night extends over to the dining menus and parties for the night. 

Royal Caribbean 

Royal Caribbean is known for throwing some amazing parties and events onboard. Aside from Formal night, which is prominent onboard all RCL ships, Royal has some fun themed nights that you should take note of. 

Red Night

As the name suggestions, Red Night is just that. There is a Red Night Club that is set up and they encourage guests to don their best red outfit. 

Caribbean Night

Another night that is lots of fun onboard is Caribbean night. Don your favorite flowery and Caribbean prints while you dance the night away. 

Keep in mind that on Royal Caribbean, depending on your sailing, time of year and destination that themed nights can vary. 

Carnival Cruise Line

With a mantra like, “The Fun Ships,” you’d expect some theme parties onboard. And that is definitely the case. Aside from your Elegant Evenings, where dressing to impress is the order, depending on your sailing, you can find some other fun nights onboard. 

80’s Rock n’ Glow Deck Party

Whether you lived through the 80’s or are just a fan of having fun, this party is for you! Grab your leggings and leg warmers for this one! While it is labeled as a rock n’ glow party, people have reported it’s more 80’s themed with some glow sticks, which are sometimes supplied. Whether you want to be subtle or show off your favorite 80’s fashion, there’s room for everyone to party! 

Other Nights Depending on Ship

Carnival reports some other themed nights on select ships such as the Mega Deck Party, White Night and Island Theme Party. Be sure to check information on your specific ship before heading away. 

MSC Cruises

Photo Courtesy of MSC Cruises

Traditionally associated with Mediterranean Cruises, MSC is not one to shy away from some fun aboard. Even their formal night takes on a different, unique twist that should not be missed.

Officers & Gentlemen Night 

MSC’s version of formal night, Officers and Gentlemen Night takes on an elegant twist. Officers are invited to ask ladies to dance, which is traditional in maritime style. Remember to pack your most elegant attire for an evening to remember.

White Party

Another cruise line, another white party. White decor and white outfits take the stage on this fun night! It’s the biggest themed night of the cruise so make sure to bring your favorite white outfit to join in on the fun! 

Flower Party

When we say flower party, we mean a 70’s party! Get ready to get your groove on and boogy oogy oggy the night away! This night celebrates the vibes of the 70’s with clothes, music and a fun, chill time. Whether you want to break out those bell bottoms, frayed jeans or just rock some flower attire, all are welcome to enjoy a great time. 

There you have it. With some many cruise lines and themed nights, it can be a bit overwhelming to pack for your next cruise! But don’t despair! As long as you’re onboard, you will have the best time enjoying your vacation. 

Do you have a favorite themed night? Let us know in the comments below! If you’re not already, follow us on Instagram at @thehappiesttravelsonearth.


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